Frequently Asked Questions


+ What hours are you open?

We can schedule elopements really at any time based on availability. Let us know what day and time you are hoping for and we will do our best to make that work.

+ Why is the guest limit 20?

Our tiny chapel seats about 20 adults comfortably. Keep in mind that the couple and lap-sized children do not count towards your guest limit.

+ Does the couple count towards guests? What about babies?

Nope. The guest limit is all about seating. For that reason, lap infants also do not count towards your guest limit.

+ What about parking?

Since our location is in the heart of downtown Tacoma, we have street parking available. Often parking can be found right in front of the chapel however if all the spaces are full, parking can often be found 1/2 block away on Pacific Avenue or A street. Parking costs $2 for 2 hours and is free on holidays and Sundays.

+ Can I bring my dog?

We love a wedding dog. Please make sure to let us know ahead of time and have them on a leash. They get very excited at weddings.

+ Can we toast with something other than champagne?

Sure thing. We offer sparkling cider if you prefer no alcohol (or have young ones at the wedding). We can also get creative, as we have used Fanta, La Croix and even 2% milk for a wedding toast.

+ Do you offer gluten free and vegan options?

Yes, indeed. Corina bakery in Tacoma is our favorite spot for getting GF and vegan options.

+ Can I bring my own officiant?

We are happy to have your own officiant come and perform your ceremony. Just let us know in advance.

+ Can I choose the flowers?

We choose flowers that are in season to ensure availability and keep costs reasonable. If you have your heart set on a specific flower or arrangement let us know when you submit your form, or as part of your pre-meeting. The cost may be different depending on your hopes and dreams.

+ My package comes with photos, how and when do we get them after the ceremony?

Your photos will be emailed to you in a link a few weeks after your ceremony. You should expect around 50 digital, edited and curated photos for every hour of photography in your package.