We are self-proclaimed

Elope Enthusiasts

We are in love with the idea of modern eloping. Our hope is to provide the elopement venue that we wished had existed when we got married… way back in 2000.


Meet Rochelle

“I began officiating wedding ceremonies in the 1st grade on the playground. While all my friends pretended to be brides with jackets draped over their heads as makeshift veils, I always wanted to be the one running the ceremony. I would make bouquets out of dandelions, tell people where to stand and officiate the impromptu wedding. It's just something I've always wanted to do."

Rochelle Bergstrom


Rochelle and her husband eloped in Las Vegas way back in 2000. They made the decision to elope because they wanted something affordable, memorable and just plain cool. "We just wanted to show up, have everything ready and simply focus on us. However, this type of venue did not exist locally in 2000 so we went to Vegas."

Ever since then, Rochelle has been daydreaming about opening a small elopement chapel locally that would provide a modern, charming space for people to marry the way they want to. Her dream became a reality when she opened Elope 253 in April 2017.


Meet Craig

"Watching my wife follow her passion has been an absolute joy. Who knew that marrying couples could be this much fun?"

Craig Bergstrom


Craig has been following Rochelle on crazy adventures for over 20 years. They have not all been quite as fun as this adventure, plus this one is so close to home!

Working mostly behind the scenes, Craig steps in to show the chapel to interested couples and officiates an occasional ceremony.